Heralds of War

Currently On Hiatus

The Heralds of War are putting our podcast on indefinite hiatus.

We’ll still be active in the Australian Age of Sigmar community, posting up hobby and running Call to Glory, however the time involved in the podcast has become unmanageable recently for the three of us.

When the podcast was first started, there was two goals: talk about Age of Sigmar and getting others talking about it; and grow the Australian community. Both these goals have been well and truly achieved and the wonderful Australian Age of Sigmar community grows every day

We’d like to thank everyone that’s listened to us these past few years, has given us feedback, attended our events and supported us on Patreon.

Thank you all, we’ll see you at an event soon!

Clint, Adam and Travis

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Episode Twenty Five – Australian AoS Masters 2017

In this episode Clint is joined by Denys, Jemma and Michael to discuss the inaugural Australian Age of Sigmar Masters. We discuss the games that Jemma and Clint had over the weekend while Denys and Michael talk about what it...

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