In this episode Clint is joined by Denys, Jemma and Michael to discuss the inaugural Australian Age of Sigmar Masters. We discuss the games that Jemma and Clint had over the weekend while Denys and Michael talk about what it was like to assist running the event and any funny or interesting happenings during rounds.

Clint also has a chat with the 2017 Master, Dave Kerr. We discuss his prep, Masters games and his plans for 2018.

Clint also plugs Cancon and makes an announcement about the future of the podcast.


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Episode Breakdown
0:00:00-0:15:34 – Intro, Hobby Progress and Games Played
0:15:39-1:21:23 – Discussion – 2017 Masters
1:21:28-2:16:05 – Discussion – Interview with Dave Kerr – 2017 AoS Master
2:16:10-2:19:29 – Call to Glory 2018, Announcement, Outro
2:19:29-2:22:45 – Outro Song 
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