In this follow up to a previous episode, we have Anthony Magro, a long time Warhammer player on to discuss moving on from WFB and embracing Age of Sigmar. It’s been a few years, but there’s still some hold outs, so Anthony discusses his comings to terms with Age of Sigmar, the seven stages of grief and how he is now an AoS advocate. He also offers advice to the people who are trying to move their friends into the new world.

He also talks about his new Youtube channel, AoS Coach.

We also discuss games played, hobby progress and events coming up!

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Episode Breakdown
0:00:00-0:17:49 – Intro, Hobby Progress, Games Played
0:17:53-0:55:11 – Moving On Part Two – From WFB to AoS
0:55:16-1:03:50 – AoS Coach
1:03:50-1:24:21 – Event Spotlight, Getting in Touch, Outro
1:24:20-1:27:40 – Outro Song
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