In this episode we have Liam from Clan Filth on to discuss Flesh Eater Courts! It’s our second take on the Ghoul Kings but our first with actual points and such.

We talk about why you’d want to collect a Flesh-Eaters army, the cool new stuff they got in the GHB2017, competitive lists, favourite models and more!

Also have the usual hobby chat and games played, plus Mark asks the hard questions like “how do Stormcast go to the toilet?”

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Twitter – @heraldsofwar

Liam’s Twitter – @liamburnettblue

Episode Breakdown
0:00:00-0:29:30 – Intro, Hobby Progress and Games Played
0:30:07-1:31:49 – Flesh Eater Courts Discussion
1:32:37-1:43:44 – Call to Glory 2018, Questions for Liam, Outro
1:43:47-1:44:41 – How old are you Liam??