Episode Twenty Three – Muster Your Forces: Flesh Eater Courts (FEC)

In this episode we have Liam from Clan Filth on to discuss Flesh Eater Courts! It’s our second take on the Ghoul Kings but our first with actual points and such. We talk about why you’d want to collect a Flesh-Eaters army, the cool new stuff they got in the GHB2017, competitive lists, favourite models […]

Episode Twenty-Two – Two Types of Potato (RCGT 2017)

Hello All! In this episode the boys are joined by newcomer to the tournament scene, Bronwen, as they discuss the recent RCGT event in Brisbane. We discuss the 5 rounds of RCGT, cullinary choices and why it’s a bad idea to get into strange vehicles on a Saturday night. 2017 Australian AoS Masters – 2/3rd […]

Episode Twenty-One – Ardfist 2017 and BCGT 2017

In this episode Clint and Mark chat about their experiences at BCGT 2017 and Ardfist 2017. We had intended to have some extra guests but it didn’t work out. Clint and Mark also discuss their hobby progress on the road to the Redlands City GT. Website – www.heraldsofwar.com Email – [email protected] Facebook – facebook.com/HeraldsofWar   […]

Episode Twenty A – SCGT Interview With Travis

Our attempts to get episode 20 out have met with numerous setbacks, so we’re going to release an interview with Travis that was meant to be a part of that episode. Episode 20B – Muster Your Forces: Sylvaneth, will be out soon!  Travis’ Twitter – @thonias83 Travis’ Blog – https://paintingbythonias.com/ Website – www.heraldsofwar.com Email – [email protected] […]