This page is for the clarification of any questions for any Heralds of War Age of Sigmar Event. Revised¬†4th September 2017 for post-GHB 2017 changes and new FAQ’s.

Can you merge two units of zombies using their Shambling Horde ability, even if it would bring them above the starting size of either unit?
Yes, as long as the resulting new unit does not exceed 60 models.

The State Troop Detachment warscroll battalion from The Empire compendium requires State Troop units. Can I use this battalion with Freeguild instead or can I take the old State Troops using the Freeguild points?
No. You can not us battalions unless you meet the requirements with currently pointed models. As per the most recent GW FAQ

Do you need reinforcement points to use scenery that summons models, such as Arcane Ruins?

If a Frostlord on Stonehorn (or Huskard on Stonehorn, or Stonehorn Beastriders) retreat, must you still charge with Earth-shattering Charge?
No, as it only provides a specific exception for running.

I’m playing an army that has lots of attacks or shots, can I use a dice rolling app?
No dice rolling apps are allowed. It’s a dice game after all! If you are playing an army that involves lots of dice rolling, it’s your responsibility to ensure you can play the army within the time limit and in a way that gives your opponent a good game.