This page contains answers to frequently asked rules queries from players attending Call to Glory 2020. If you can’t find an answer to your question here, check the Official Games Workshop Erratas and Designers Commentaries or send us an email to [email protected]

Some questions that were previously answered here were included in Games Workshop’s December FAQ updates. Please make sure you consult these before the event to make yourself familiar with them.

Q: Does the Stormcast Vanguard Raptors Longshot ability stack across turns if the unit does not move in successive movement phases?

A: No

Q: Likewise, does the Sylvaneth spell Throne of Vines stack over multiple turns, and multiple casts?  Eg. +4 in the second Hero Phase it’s cast, +6 in the third Hero Phase.

A: Yes. (Updated 8th January)

Q: Can I give the Sword of Judgement to the Crushing Stomps on the Engine of the Gods or the Stormshoal of an Eidolon of Mathlann?

A: No, although they are not listed as such, they should be treated as Mounts, similar to the GW Designer’s Commentary for the Coven Throne.

Q: If the primary target of ‘Chain Lightning’ successfully passes it roll to ‘ignore the effects of the spell’ (using Eldritch Attunement etc), does this also stop the spell completely at that point – i.e the caster does not roll to see whether it hit any other units within 6″?  Or will the spell keep going – i.e on a 4+ it will hit the a further target within 6″, even though the first target successfully passed its ‘ignore magic effects’ roll.

A: The spell will continue to affect other units.