Heralds of War

AOS Worlds 2022

What is AOS Worlds?

AOS Worlds is THE World Championship of Age of Sigmar. An event where teams from all over the world compete for glory and the title of the AOS World Championship.

More than anything the AOS Worlds competition is a chance to get to know some awesome people and make lifelong friendships. The whole weekend has an absolute party atmosphere with teams meeting up throughout the weekend for dinners and drinks. Similar to large domestic tournaments everyone focuses on playing games to the best of their ability during the day, then spend the evening unwinding and catching up with old friends or meeting new people!

When is the 2022 AOS Worlds Event?

While the exact date is yet to be determined, the AOS Worlds event for 2022 will be held in Autumn.

Who is in the team?

Hopefully you! Teams in 2022 were made up of 6 players (which may increase to 8), with an optional Non Playing Coach. Each team nominates one team captain who may be one of the players or the NPC.

What are we hoping to achieve?

Each year teams will discuss amongst themselves what their objectives are for the year. In general the three core non negotiables are:

  1. Having an amazing time and representing Australia as great people both on and off the table.
  2. Winning the Ashes against England. The Ashes are an annual face off between the English and Australian teams, held before the main event.
  3. Playing to the best of our ability as a team to get the best possible result.

As this will be the first time Australia sends a team, we are hoping to set up a platform and a process for future teams to build on. We want Australia to be sending 6 awesome people over to the competition every year to represent the amazing scene we have over here on the world stage!

You’ll notice that the first priority listed above is to have an amazing team and represent Australia in a good way. Australia has a reputation from previous events of being awesome opponents who everyone wants to play against because they know it will be a great set of games. While we want to win our games and be competitive at the event, the first priority will always be to do this in the right fashion, just like we all would at a domestic event.

How is the team chosen?

The 2022 team will be selected by a committee of prominent AOS players from around Australia and New Zealand. They will review applications and select the team based on the above criteria.

The 2022 Selection Committee is:

    • Clint Mallet
    • Sam Morgan
    • Dan Street
    • Mat Tyrell
    • Chris Welfare

What is expected of the team?

What exactly is expected of the team commitment wise will be up to the team once it is selected. At a minimum players should be willing to:

  • Commit financially to the event. This includes event registration fees, accomodation, flights etc. 
  • Attend practices in person and on Tabletop Simulator
  • Arrive in Europe early for a pre-event boot camp/gaming week.
  • Play an army as required by the team, this might mean changing at short notice or not getting to use your favoured army.
    You may need to purchase a new army if one can not be lent to you.
  • Take a bad match up for the team in any given round to help the rest of the team get better match ups.


Q. Do I have to be an Australian citizen to apply?

A. No. However there are some strict guidelines on team makeup in regards to nationality as listed below:

By the definition of the competition itself a player can play for Australia if they meet one of he 3 criteria below

  1. The player was born in the country.
  2. The player has a natural or adoptive parent or grandparent who were born in the country.
  3. The player has resided in the country for the three calendar years immediately preceding the event of that year.

Q. How will the captain be chosen?

Players can elect to apply as a playing captain in their application. As the captain is responsible for the major decisions of the team after selection and until the next captain is selected, they will need to provide evidence of team leadership roles or other supporting evidence in their application.

Q. How will players be chosen?  What factors are taken into account?  What role do “objective” factors such as the Masters rankings play?

Players will be chosen based on their previous results in major matched play events, their conduct in these events and on social media and the variety of armies that they have used previously.

While looking at the Matched Play Rankings will give the selectors a great insight into the player’s performance on the tabletop, this will not be the only factor when deciding the makeup of the team.

Q. Are you looking for the best players? Best team? A representative selection of each of the regional AoS scenes?  Will there be a regional quota?

The selectors will be looking to create a team from amongst the nation’s best players while making sure that they can play cohesively as a group representing Australia in the best light possible.

No regional quotas will be in effect for the 2022 team.

Think You Have What It Takes?

Click the link below and fill out the form to apply for the Australian 2022 AOS Worlds Team.