Welcome to Episode Eighteen!

This episode marks the first time our podcast carries the ‘explicit’ tag.

We discuss Briscon, both from the TO and player perspectives, chat to the winner, Matt Campbell, and we have a special announcement in conjuction with the Mortally Wounded Podcast.

We also bring you our hobby progress, games played and listener questions!

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Episode Breakdown
0:00:00-0:40:45 – Intro, Hobby Progress and Games Played
0:40:50-1:28:12 – Briscon Discussion
1:28:17-1:55:19 – Interview with Matt Campbell, Briscon Winner
1:55:22-2:40:53 – Listener Questions
2:40:58-2:48:19 – Special Announcement with Mortally Wounded’s Chris Welfare
2:48:24-2:52:49 – Event Spotlight
2:52:49-2:57:18 – Outro Song – Icabod by TR/ST