Our Cancon 2017 episode, Episode 15 is cut together from a range of recordings we’ve made both in Canberra and in Heralds HQ. 

We chat in the hotel room on the Friday and then on the Sunday night. We also catch up with the two chaps from the Mortally Wounded podcast for their take on the event.

The audio quality for the Friday night section is a bit rubbish, but other sections are much better.

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Episode Breakdown
0:00:00-0:01:30 – Intro
0:01:34-0:42:53 – Cancon discussion – Friday Night
0:42:53-0:46:00 – Eyes Wide Open – Gotye 
0:46:00-1:16:47 – Cancon Discussion – Sunday Night
1:16:54-2:01:25 – Cancon Discussion with Chris and James from the Mortally Wounded Podcast
2:03:17-2:06:14 – Event Spotlight and Outro
2:06:14-2:09:48 – Outro Song