Welcome to the tenth episode of Heralds of War!
In this episode we take the Skeleton Horde box and turn it into a variety of different armies. We discuss our favourite Mortarchs, why Clint has an altar for blood sacrifices and why Mark wishes he too had a framed picture of Mannfred von Carstein.
We also talk about the last Age of Sigmar Sunday Session and Mark and Clint discuss their hobby prep leading up to RCGT.
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Episode Breakdown
0:00:00-0:32:12 – Intro, News, Hobby Progress and Games Played
0:34:17-1:16:20 – Why play Death, What’s in the Skeleton Hordes Box, Competitive List Building
1:16:24-2:03:39 – Fun/Hobby Lists, Questions from Listeners
2:03:44-2:12:52 – Event Spotlight, Kickstarter Talk and Closing Thoughts
2:12:52-2:18:09 – Outro Song – Juke Joint Jezebel by KMFDM