Do you like green? Do you like charging models? Do you like things that go Waagh? Then Ironjawz are for you!
In this episode we discuss the ‘ardest of all Orruks, the Ironjawz. Starting from the Start Collecting box we build a (semi) competitive list, discuss lists that would be fun and then Jesse and Mark prove they have poor taste when we discuss our favourite models.
We also discuss hobby, games played, answer some questions and events!
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Episode Breakdown
0:00:00-0:22:08 – Intro, Hobby Progress and Games Played
0:22:12-1:07:32 – Muster Your Forces – Ironjawz
1:07:34-1:22:28 – Questions from Listeners
1:22:28-1:26:05 – Event Spotlight and Closing Thoughts
1:26:05-1:29:20 – Outro Song – Immortals by Fall Out Boy