In episode 4, we had a few recording and quality issues, so there’s no hobby progress or games played. We’ll do a bumper lot in episode 5.

We have a guest on the show, Evan Dennett, who is a TO from our neighbouring city of Brisbane. He’s on the show to tell us about his event coming in November, but sticks around to take part in the other discussions.

Next up we talk about out likes and dislikes of the hobby aspect of Warhammer and armies in general.

Finally, we have a brief discussion about the Stormcast Extremis book.

Hope you enjoy this episode, see you next time!

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Episode Breakdown

0:00:00-0:01:38 – Apology and Intro
0:02:01-0:25:29 – Redland City GT with Evan
0:25:33-0:46:39 – Hobby Likes/Dislikes
0:47:35-1:56:28 – Stormcast Extremis Discussion
1:56:21-1:57:55 – Final thoughts
1:57:55-2:01:57 – Outro Song and Contact Details – People on the High Line by New Order