In this episode we discuss our hobby progress, our games at Clash – War in the Mortal Realms and a small chat on how we pick armies to collect and armies to play.

We’re back to where we’d like to be in terms of show length, at about an hour and a half.

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Episode Breakdown

0:00:00-0:08:01 – Intro and Hobby Progress
0:08:06-1:05:55 – Clash – War in the Nine Realms
1:05:55-1:06:52 – Music Break
1:06:52-1:25:35 – How we start an army collection and pick an army for playing
1:25:40-1:30:23 – Final Discussion and Surprise White Dwarf Announcement
1:30:23-1:31:45 – Outro Song and Contact Details – Murder by New Order