Episode Two is here!

In this episode we discuss our hobby progress, the games we’ve been playing in our local campaign, the inaugural Age of Sigmar Sunday Session and a review of the Flesh Eater Courts battletome.

It’s about double the length of our last episode at around 2 hours and 20 mins.

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Twitter – @heraldsofwar

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Jesse’s Twitter – @Boiling_Point_
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Episode Breakdown

0:00:00-0:14:55 – Intro and Hobby Progress/Games Played
0:14:59-0:57:40 – Age of Sigmar Sunday Session #1
0:57:40-0:58:35 – Music Break
0:58:35-1:28:07 – Flesh Eater Courts Fluff and Battle Plans
1:28:11-2:16:33 – Flesh Eater Warscrolls and War Scroll Battalions. Thoughts on multiple versions of warscrolls (eg Terrorgheist)
2:16:38-2:17:41 – Outro
2:17:41-2:19:10 – Outro Song and Contact Details – Murder by New Order